My Wife Is A Suspicious Character

Last weekend my wife took this fun little trip. Her good friend from high school has a daughter who is interested in going to the university where our daughter goes to school. That is a very weird sentence to write. Can't believe that actually describes my life. Anyway . . . So the two of them put together this magical-mystery-tour where Aleta, her friend and her daughter would fly down to SoCal. In SoCal our friend's daughter bunked with our daughter in the dorms for the full "college experience" and then Aleta and her friend, and yet another high school friend, got together for a girls weekend. There's nothing sinister in any part of the story I just told you.Aleta packed all of her stuff into her suitcase for her trip. Since she's still doing physical therapy to rebuild her surgically repaired Achilles, she decided to bring her ice gel pack that has been so handy after she finishes her PT workouts. Again nothing sinister going on in the story I'm telling you, as far as any of us can tell. But when Aleta tried to get through the TSA line that gel pack suddenly looked very suspicious. She ended up having to dump her ice pack, take off her exo-boot and get a "special" wanding before she was cleared to go on her flight. The funny, or unnerving, thing about her experience was that Aleta was the one telling the newbie TSA guy who felt bad taking her gel pack away, "It's okay. I think you probably should take that gel pack away from me. It's not a bomb, but it's your job to be suspicious."The moral of the story is simple - don't take your gel on planes or people might think you're suspicious.