Not Following Blogging "Rules"

Blogging rules state, or so I'm told, that you need to write stuff consistently in a regular and rhythmic pattern. You are supposed to this so that A) you grow as a writer and B) you can expand your "reach" and your "brand" on the inter-web. So I woke up Monday morning after Easter looking straight in the face of all the blogging rules requiring me to have something interesting to say the day after Easter. I had - nothing. So I broke the rules, enjoyed God's grace in my life, and wrote nothing. Sure, writing nothing didn't help me as a writer, and my readership has definitely nose-dived but not writing helped me be a little more human on "Easter hangover" day when every pastor is totally worn out. I do apologize to all who enjoy reading what I post, but I'm sure those who read me the most understand the importance of being human and leaning on God's grace rather than keeping certain rules. Have a great week my dear readers!