Hey Mom. I Miss You.

Four years ago on this day, my sweet mom who had fought against Parkinson's disease for 30 years stepped into eternity. Today is February 29 that "leap day" which only comes around every four years. The day my mom went home to Jesus I immediately appreciated the symmetry of God taking her home on leap day. But today is the first time since she went home in 2012 that February 29 has been on my calendar, and because that is true I'm really thinking about my mom a lot more this year.If I could write a card to my mom on this day - here's what I'd write:Hey Mom! I miss you. It's been four years since Jesus called you home and so much has happened. Aleta and I celebrated 23 years of marriage. I remember how excited you were for me to finally meet that young lady you'd been praying for since the day I was born. Thanks for praying Aleta into my life. Cassidy is now a freshman at Asuza Pacific University and she's doing great as an art major. I'm telling you mom, as a former ballerina who expressed beauty through dance you would love the beauty Cass is rendering through her art. Michael has grown up to be almost as tall as me, and he is a great kid. Joshua is still that eager, fun-loving little boy who gave you such sweet hugs when he visited you - only now he's in a much bigger body. Mom I know that heaven has been a sweet release from a body that became a prison cell. I also know that you now get to dance on the streets of gold and that you've been able to reconnec with so many family and friends who preceded you. Today I thank God for the hope of what awaits all of us in heaven - a hope that for you is no longer hope, but a tangible reality. Mom, I just miss those great conversations we used to have about life, and God, and pain. You were the great listener, the one who always helped me process my way out of a problem. You, along with dad, were my chief supporters and I miss those check-ins. Someday I will see you again, but today I just want you to know that I love you and I miss you."