Why Me?

Man, todays President's Day holiday is stunningly beautiful! Don't you think!? Why do we, of all people, get to enjoy this balmy, serene kind of day in the middle of winter? Last Friday, my wife and I decided we would slow our lives down and take a long walk. We walked from our house, across Hwy 1, through the 'hood, across the Arana Gulch trail, down to the lighthouse, and then all the way across to the trestle and ultimately made our way to the Boardwalk. It took us about 50 minutes to experience all the sights and sounds of our city, and it felt like I was seeing, smelling, and feeling what my own city looks like through the eyes of a tourist. It's a perspective I should slow down to experience more often. Then Aleta and I sat down at The Picnic Basket for a sandwich and an amazing salad. If you haven't had lunch there, you should try it sometime. Marvelous!The whole time I was walking with Aleta, I kept pondering something I usually turn over and over when life isn't going my way. I kept wondering, "Why me?" Normally, I ask "why me?" when life is hard, and it feels like God's purposely trying to make my life difficult. On Friday, I guess I was stunned to find myself flipping that question around. "Why me?" as in - "Why am I, of all people, enjoying an amazing wife, able to walk without assistance, enjoying the beauty of one of the most beautiful places on the earth?"Why me Lord? Why have you chosen to be so kind, so faithful and so generous as to give me incredible days to enjoy. I really don't deserve it, but I sure am thankful for it!