Dry Spells Do End

You probably have to admit to yourself that you're getting older when you're checking the water levels of your local watershed. We here in California have been going through a very tough drought over the last four years, and so I've been checking the water levels at Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond is the water source for my part of the Santa Cruz community, and it has been at dangerously low levels in recent years. Well this morning I checked, and after a few rains Loch Lomond is back to 65.4% of capacity. I'm sure that does not mean our drought is over, or that we need to stop our conservation efforts, but it is good news. An increase in that lake's levels is a very positive sign after very dry years.As I celebrated more positive water levels it made me realize that all dry spells do come to an end - including spiritual and emotional dry spells. Spiritual and emotional dry spells are hard enough, but they're even harder when the enemy of our souls (the devil) fuels the dryness with one of his favorite lies - "This dry spell will never end." No, the fact is, all dry spells end. If California's massive four plus year drought can come to an end, then all other dry spells can "come to pass" and be replaced with new seasons of richness, goodness, and grace from God. So as the rain comes down this morning, I'm enjoying the end of a dry spell