My Kids Inspire Me

Talk about "a child shall lead them." Yesterday morning my youngest was in youth group with the rest of his gang during Faith Community Church's worship gathering. While he was in there our youth pastor, Nick Hart, shared with the students the real-life tragedy of Syrian refugees fleeing their homeland in order to simply stay alive. Nick told the students about the big picture of what was happening, along with how it was affecting small Syrian families. Nick told the students that our church was going to partner with another missions organization to provide as many winterization kits as we could provide in order to help families making their exodus to a new life in Europe. My child, moved out of his own heart, sacrificed all the money he had in his wallet and just handed all of it over to Nick. He's been saving for some pretty cool things, but he was so moved by the needs of others that he handed over everything he had. Man, that moves me! As I write that last sentence my eyes mist over because my child reflects an empathy and compassion for the world that inspires me. I thank God for him! I also thank God for my other children who inspire me with their insights, their loyalty to their friends, and their dogged commitment to do the best they can with the responsibilities they've been given. God shows me much of what He looks like through my own kids.