Thanks For Scarcity

Gratitude Chronicles Part II woke up and I wondered if I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. I listened a little more intently and I could hear a sound I forgot all about; that old dripping sound coming from the downspout at the front of my house. Then I peeked out the front window and discovered it actually was raining! This morning's rain is just so beautiful after four years of drought. Sure the drought is not over, but any rain at all is such a huge blessing. This rain reminds me that scarcity leads me to a much deeper appreciation for supply. When you go through four years of drought, you do find yourself enjoying the beauty of the rain in a much deeper way than you did four years ago. I find myself walking in it without a jacket or umbrella, opening up my mouth to feel the raindrops, and just doing all the things I used to do when I was a kid splashing in rain puddles. I do all of it because the scarcity has helped me more deeply appreciate the supply.So with that in mind, I want to actually thank God for scarcity today. I understand that scarcity isn't always fun, but I do want to thank God for the ways in which scarcity - in all of its forms - makes me that much more attuned and appreciative of His supply when He shares it with me.