Sin Is Fun

Let's just be honest. I have to believe that most of us have had moments, if not seasons, in  life when we have wondered, "In what way am I missing out on all the fun because I'm committed to follow Jesus. What if I were to just act on my desires?" Going my own way (what the bible calls "sin") is enticing because, let's be honest, it can be very fun. In the same way a toddler is enticed to follow a big red bouncy ball into the street because of all the fun they know they can have in a big wide open space with that bouncy ball, and then they go on to enjoy a lot of fun for as many seconds that fun lasts before they're run over by a car - so it is with us when we go our own way. Going our own way is fun while it lasts, and then - - not so much.The great G. K. Chesterton once wrote - "A man cannot expect any adventures in the land of anarchy. But a man can expect any number of adventures if he goes travelling (sic) in the land of authority."The truth is, the land of anarchy really isn't gong to lead me into a sustainable, life-giving adventure. No one in the western world likes the idea of being under authority. We prefer to think that anyone claiming any authority is "full of it" and the only one with any knowledge worthy of our trust is us. But the fact is we function best when we place ourselves under authority somewhere to someone or something, and the more trustworthy that authority the better the adventures of our lives.