Jerry Seinfeld - Theologian

If you haven't checked it out yet, sometime you should take a look at Jerry Seinfeld's web-cast show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." Essentially Jerry and his crew film him as he picks out a unique car, swings by to pick up one of his comedian friends, and then takes them out for coffee. It's fun and the dialogue can be both very funny, and very insightful.In his interview with Trevor Noah (the new host for "The Daily Show") Jerry has this great insight: "I always say that pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap. When you stub your toe on the foot of the bed - that was a gap in knowledge (lots of laughter)  - and the pain is a lot of information really quick."For those who often wail, "What is the purpose in my pain?" I think Seinfeld provides an excellent assessment of the purpose in our pain - a similar assessment found in the bible.