How Lives Are Transformed

“Fixate on whole cultures, not specific pieces of poverty. No specific intervention is going to turn around the life of a child or an adult in any consistent way, but if you can surround a person with a new culture, and different web of relationships, then they will absorb new habits of thought and behavior in ways you will never be able to measure or understand. And if you do surround that person with a new, enriching culture, then you had better keep surrounding them with it, because if they slip back into a different culture, and most of the gains will fade away.” - David BrooksRe-read this quote in light of what God provides to each person who enters into life under His Lordship. This is such a great illustration of what God has provided to the entire human race through His Son Jesus - He has surrounded us with "a new culture, and different web of relationships" which help us "absorb new habits of thought and behavior" that transform us. Pretty cool in my humble opinion!