Band Of Brothers

A lot of people have complained about church denominations over the years. I've been one of them. Since Jesus says that His church is united under His headship, why do we need to have so many denominations, and why can't we work together? Well I'm praising God today because I get to work with a band of brothers in Santa Cruz who are working across many denominational lines. We pray for each other, we work together, and we share helpful information even though we are Anglican, non-denominational, Presbyterian, Foursquare, and more. In this last week, the help we have given to one another in trying to understand the theological and legal ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex unions has been a beautiful picture of the unity of Jesus' church here in Santa Cruz. So today I just want to thank God for Rob Patterson, Chuckk Gerwig, Benjamin Hartel, Danny Bennet, Dan Kimball, and Michael Howard as we work together to represent the Jesus we know, the one "full of grace and truth."