I Love My Small Church

It's summer-time, and that means you don't see as many people when you gather for worship on Sunday mornings. People are all coming and going during the summer time enjoying vacations, time with family, time for fun and renewal. That also means our small church gets even smaller. That used to bother me, but the more God has changed my perspective about what He's doing in the church where I serve, the more I just find myself enjoying and loving the people I get to see and worship with every Sunday.

A Christianity Today article describes what I'm feeling quite well. Karl Vaters writes:

"It is because I want the gospel of Jesus to reach the greatest number of people, that I am an avid supporter, promoter, and encourager of healthy small churches. Big and mega churches are great. And they get almost all the press, both positive and negative. They deserve our prayers and support, not second-guessing, jealousy, and ridicule. But, as valuable as they are, large congregations are not where most people receive the bulk of their spiritual nourishment. Most of that is happening in millions of small congregations all over the world. According to recent research from Ed Stetzer and Christian Schwarz, 'The stats tell us that ten smaller churches of 100 people will accomplish much more than one church of 1000.' If you could choose to do just one thing to support and strengthen the growth of the church around the world, it's hard to imagine a better investment than multiplying, encouraging, and equipping healthy small churches."

I love my small church, and the future churches my small church is prepared to plant. Do you love your small church?