Movin' On Up

Today I just dropped off my youngest (Josh) for his last day of school - a beach day with the 6th and 7th grade classes. You can only pull that off in Surf City USA! My middle son Michael is wrapping up finals for his first year of Sr. High and my daughter Cassidy is graduating Valedictorian (I really don't know where she got all of her smarts!) from Sr. High. As I was driving Josh to school and thinking back on the last year of school and then recalling my first day dropping Cassidy off to kindergarten I thought about all of the advancements my kids have made over the years. It's amazing how much they have grown! Then I wondered about my own advancement in life. Am I still movin' on up like my kids? It was pretty easy when I was young to see that I was advancing from 1st to 2nd grade, elementary to Jr. High, and from Jr. High to Sr. High but once you get out of school your advancement through life is not always as easy to measure. I want to be a person who remains ever teachable and ever advancing for the rest of my days. So as my kids move on up and advance in their lives it is my prayer for them and for myself that we will all continue learning, growing, advancing and becoming something more than we were last year. Soli Deo Gloria