Here's To Having Nothing

It's Monday. I've been counseled that when you have a blog it's important to post content in a very consistent way. So I try to post thoughts and ideas every Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes I have some great stories and ideas to post that really capture my attention. On those days it's really easy to write, but today - I've got nothing.Here's what I want to say about "nothing." Having nothing can be just as important as having something interesting to say or write. Having nothing means there is space, there is pause, there is a time to rest and renew. Having nothing means you're a real human being who is not a slave to the demands of social media - a human being that can just be without the need to produce more and more content. So today I offer space, and a pause. I offer that it's okay to embrace that space and that pause and then let God fill up that space with everything He has at His disposal to fill that space. Today, I've got nothing, but I enter into this day knowing that I know a God who fills in the nothingness.