Meeting Jesus In A Bar

I just finished my "magical mystery tour" of Santa Cruz Hope Church, Westside Community Church and Elevation Church. What a great experience, not only for me, but for the rest of the participating pastors and their congregations. It was a great experience to see how God is working in very different ways and to see each church's unique mission in Santa Cruz County.On Sunday I walked into a bar for worship. I'm serious. I drove up to Felton and walked into Don Quixote's, the local music venue/bar in Felton, where Elevation church worships. I was immediately met with smiles, handshakes and hugs. Elevation is situated in the perfect location to do exactly what God has given Chuckk and his crew a vision to do - reach people who live on the margins and people would never darken the doorway of a church building. As I taught, and as I chatted with the people of Elevation, I could see that God had strategically located their non-churchy church in the San Lorenzo Valley to reach the people on the margins. I love the people of Elevation along with Chuckk and his wife Andrea and I love that they are making it possible for people to literally meet Jesus in a bar!