God Loves Surfers And Skaters

I know I'm in the middle of this very cool story about Santa Cruz Foursquare Church and Santa Cruz Hope, but I just have to let all my blog readers know about my visit to Santa Cruz Hope yesterday. Danny Bennett's church is only three years old but they have a fantastic ministry to the Pleasure Point surf and skate community. Here's how they describe their church - "A new church with chill style, real faith, and no perfect people." It's a great description of a church that worships on top of indoor skate ramps! Isn't that awesome? During the week, the inside of their "worship center" is an open space for "Skate church" where they minister to the many skater groms who need Jesus. Then on Sunday they put out chairs and hold a worship service. Many of the families who are reached through skate church are intrigued by the oddball fact that Hope holds worship in the same room on Sundays, and so they come as families to check it all out. Pastor Joe was telling me yesterday that a number of their newest believers come from these skater families. Hope is a church body that is committed in everything they do to create "on ramps" to new life through faith in Jesus, and you can feel it in the people. Everyone there had a cool story about how they came to Hope and how they came to faith. I'm so glad God put it into Danny's heart to start Santa Cruz Hope Church. So many people have, and will, find new life in Jesus because of this fantastic new church!