Same Old Story

It's funny. Yesterday, I joined pastors across the globe in preaching a message on the stunning reality that Jesus rose from the grave, and as He conquered the grave He made it possible for everyone to enter into and enjoy an indestructible life. Right after I sat down, I was immediately pummeled by thoughts that went exactly like this: "Everyone already knows this! You wasted your time and everyone's time! You failed!"It's not a fun feeling to be pummeled by thoughts like this, but as the minutes, and hours passed my head began to clear. I knew it was the same old story - the Enemy of the cross was doing everything he could to defeat the very message he feels most threatened by. So even though the first few minutes after sharing the message of resurrection felt horrible, I went to bed celebrating that apparently what God had me say was so threatening to the Enemy of the cross that he felt the need to go after me and accuse me of "failure." I guess the message that was trumpeted throughout the world yesterday must be pretty important and pretty threatening to the darkness.