What Did You Lose?

As I've been making my way through Lent I've been asking God to shed light into my life. I've wanted God to show me areas of sin, areas where I'm slipping, and areas where I've kinda lost my way.It's funny, over the last 4 to 6 months I've been feeling more and more of "the other shoe is going to drop" feeling in my gut. What's been weird is the fact that I haven't been faced with any overwhelming challenges in my life that would normally make you brace yourself for the other shoe dropping. You know how it seems like very bad things always happen in bunches? Well that hasn't been my life, and yet I've definitely felt that tug in my gut - that feeling of not being at ease. Well the Lord has been showing me the reason for it - I got off in my purposeful discipline of choosing gratitude and contentment. In the previous 3 years I invested more energy than ever before celebrating the good things God had provided in my life (gratitude) and rejoicing in God's daily tender mercies (contentment). That practice had amazing results as it produced an overflowing amount of joy within me. Me, the guy who naturally sees the glass half empty, was regularly seeing "the glass half full." But that joy had been lost all because I'd let my gratitude and contentment slip. Apparently it's time for me to find my way back into these disciplines.Maybe you can relate to what God's Spirit has shown me. Or maybe there's something else in your life that you have lost. As we near the end of Lent, ask yourself, "What have I lost that I need to get back?"