Everything Breaks

I was driving my old truck the other day when suddenly a steel stud that keeps the gear shift housing intact completely snapped off.  You can see in the photo that my gear-shift lever is no longer functional because aBroken Partsfter 55 years of wear and tear that steel stud had enough. It simply snapped. And you know what makes matters worse? The older the car, the harder it is to buy parts!So while my car guys are looking for parts I've been thinking about the spiritual reality that even the strongest elements of my spiritual life can grow tired, weak, and even snap. What I mean is that certain elements of one's spiritual life that were once as strong as a new piece of steel can grow old and need renewal. I used to think as a young christian that when I arrived at my current age, after walking with Jesus for many years, those "steel" parts of my christian walk would just stay solid. The fact is, there is no part of my life that won't at some point remind me that I still need renewal, I still need part replacement from time to time, I still am desperately dependent on God to keep me running. The season of Lent is a good time for me to take a look at the broken parts of my walk with God and to seek God for the right replacement parts.