Death And Taxes And Worship

According to Benjamin Franklin, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Just like you, I've been dealing with our taxes and it seems that the older I get the more complicated and complex taxes become. The truth is, for the everyman like myself who just wants to do the right thing as simply and cleanly as possible, taxes increasingly has become this gauntlet of confusing, arcane numbers that I absolutely have to pay someone else to help me figure it out or I would for sure do something wrong simply because I naively didn't know where to plug-in which numbers. It's not the cost of the taxes (although that can hurt) as much as it's the stress of trying to do something right when the thing you're doing is sooooo utterly confusing and every mis-step can produce such costly consequences.I guess I'm trying to say tax season stresses me out just like everyone else. But as I drove to turn in our John-Hancocked forms to be e-filed this morning God's Spirit surprised me. As I was lifting up all my complaints and stress to God in prayer the Holy Spirit downloaded this thought - "Hey, Andy even taxes is a sacrament in your Heavenly Father's mind. As hard as it's become to deal with your taxes, handling your taxes ultimately honors me. It's as beautiful to me as the praise songs that you sing, the sermons that you preach, or the times you love unconditionally. So as you hand in your taxes, I want you to know that I view it as your beautiful act of worship." Okay then Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May you be honored by my life - even in the way I pay my taxes!