Stupid Award Shows

Last night television broadcast the glitzy "Hey aren't we amazing!" Academy Awards celebration of Hollywood. I'm not going to rain on the entire parade. It's kinda fun to see people achieve the highest level in their craft and be celebrated for their hard work. I think for me it's just funny when you think of what our culture celebrates. It's a bit upside down don't you think? We have the Grammys, the Espys, and the Oscars which cast a gigantic spotlight on entertainment. But where are the award shows for the most amazing teachers in a community, the most amazing moms & dads, or most amazing coaches? We've got it all turned around as a culture. We overlook those people with the roles that truly make a difference in the world, and we wildly celebrate those people with overpaid roles as entertainers. It's probably not going to change any time soon, but there is one thing you and I can do today. Stop and say "thank you," or find a way to celebrate that person in your life who has truly been remarkable to you in this last year. Make it your own version of awarding an Oscar to someone who deserves it.