Tell A Better Story

I had a glorious day off last Friday. Aleta and I went out for breakfast and then did a lot of yard work. Awesome day! At lunch time I made myself a sandwich and sat down in front of the TV. I channel surfed to this interview on the Charlie Rose show. At the same time that CNN was reporting the tragedy of terrorism in the city of Paris, Rose was interviewing John Miller who is the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism at the New York Police Department. You can watch the entire video in its entirety.John Miller provided a ton of fascinating information as he described all kinds of issues related to protecting innocent people from terrorism. He talked about the fact that Muslim extremist groups like ISIS are not only quite knowledgeable, they are also quite sophisticated in their use of media and social media to woo and recruit broken, down-and-out people from all over the world. As a result, he said that he was beginning to have significant conversations with high level clerics in the Muslim community who do not teach, and do not believe the Koran espouses the extremist views that have been spliced together so effectively by groups like Isis. He said the greater Muslim community needed to seize the moment and tell a better story to the disenfranchised who are so easily lured by groups like ISIS. In other words, those from within the Muslim faith - who disagree with the violent jihadist extremist narrative - need to rally and come up with a better narrative that can capture the hearts and the imaginations of the people ISIS is recruiting.What's interesting to me is that what we Christians also need to be telling a better story. We already have a better story of joining with the King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, in nothing less than the renewal of all things. We have a Gospel that does not require violence, or suicide to enter God's bliss. All God the Father asks is that we trust in the work of Jesus for us and then keep on trusting Him for life. But I don't think we're doing a very good job of telling that story. What would it look like for us to tell a better story of this Gospel in the same passionate way ISIS is using sophisticated forms of media and social media to win the hearts of the most broken down people of this world? It's sad to say, but we probably need to steal some of the terrorist's playbook when it comes to telling our story.