My Concern As A Citizen

I spent this last weekend trying to be a good citizen, as I looked at all the people up for election and all the ballot measures up for a vote. It's important to vote and give our voice to the concerns of our cities, counties, state and nation. But I have this concern at this particular moment in American history.The Apostle Paul made an interesting distinction in people to his young disciple Timothy. Some people, he said would love what is good, while others would be those who were "not lovers of the good" 2 Tim 3:3. It seems to me that public service, when stewarded properly, must be about loving what is good. Regardless of one's race, creed or religion public service must be about the passionate pursuit of what is good for all people. Of course that kind of work is not an easy task, but call me naive - I believe that is the task of a public servant. In our current time, it seems to me that public service (politics) has turned into a passionate pursuit for what is permissible rather than what is good. Here's what I mean. Politicians at every level and on both sides of the aisle seem to be more committed to doing the "permissible" work of doing whatever it takes to maintain their ongoing influence and power over and above doing what is good for the people. To me, this is a problem. As long as the primary love of our public servants is the permissible-politics-as-usual pursuit of maintaining influence, over and above doing good no matter what the political cost, then we're in trouble. If any public servant reads this post and can help me look at this differently - please help me see it differently.