Still Smiling

Last week I told the story of how God moved in power and love to heal Missy of intense sciatic pain. Today I showed up at our food distribution knowing that Missy would be there. I fully confess that I was thinking, "I wonder how long the healing lasted," followed by, "Probably all of Missy's pain has come back." Why do I do that? Why am I still suspicious of God's power? I guess I'm still learning.Today Missy pulled into the parking lot with a huge smile on her face. I tentatively asked her, "How are you feeling?" She said, "Great!" accompanied with two big thumbs up in the air. At the end of our distribution today, I said goodbye and Missy said to me, "Thank you so much." I said, "I didn't really do anything. God did it!" She finished by saying, "Yes! I am ready to rock and roll!" moving and grooving while she said it. I guess God really can heal, and really can take away pain permanently. Any of the blog readers have similar stories?