What Makes a Pastor Sad

Strange day today. It's strange, and hard, to mourn the loss of yet another person to cancer - another person who for a season was a part of the church I shepherd. I'm not sad for him because he is now home and free from pain, but I am sad for his wife and daughters and their extended family who grieve.At the same time I'm grieving over believers in my flock who have made decisions in their lives that do not square with following Jesus. I know in their own minds "everything is fine" or "it's no big deal" and yet the actions they've already taken, and the path they are following, are truly dangerous. What's interesting to me in all of this is that as much as I grieve the passing of a loved I one, I actually grieve more over sheep who are going astray in this life. I feel great concern over the steps they are taking and the serious consequences they will face. I hurt for the fallout they will indeed experience and the regrets they have to face someday. I don't know if this is true of all pastors, but what makes me saddest is seeing people, who have been given salvation through Jesus,  disregard Jesus by explaining away His clear direction. Huge bummer!