An Athiest Saying What I Think Jesus Would Say

I'm thinking about, and obviously writing about, something I'm quite puzzled by. I'm puzzled by how stalled North America is when it comes to making new disciples of Jesus Christ. I probably will do more research and get into the numbers, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to simply look at the surrounding American landscape and see that people aren't turning to Jesus in the way they are in other parts of the world. Why is this the case?One of the first things I want to share is this video confessional from Penn Gillette who is part of the world-famous comedy and magic duo "Penn and Teller." Penn is a vocal atheist who decided to pursue atheism after he, as a young man, asked tough questions in his church youth group and was shut down for asking such challenging questions. Click on this link - Penn's Confession - and see if it challenges you.  Do you think Jesus would agree with much of what Penn is saying to believers? I'd love to hear your thoughts