Thoughts On Pastors

I'm thinking that I want to spend the coming month sharing various thoughts on pastors. Pastors play an important servant leadership role in a church. They model (hopefully) and communicate what faith in Jesus looks like in the real world.  They lead timid people to be courageous. They see things in parishioners they don't see in themselves. And they lead a body of volunteers, who don't have to participate if they really don't want to participate, in the mission of making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. In my upcoming posts I'm going to share some of the things I've most appreciated from pastors who have been influential in my life. However, before I dive into my thoughts I thought I'd ask you, the reader, to share your thoughts. Let me know some of your thoughts on pastors. Oh, and let's try to keep it positive. It's way too easy to be critical. What are your thoughts?