Dear God, We Trust Our Feelings More Than You

. . . One last thing Father. I know my lament has run on long enough, but I've got one more thing to share. It seems like most of us who follow you trust our feelings above all else. Even when we decide to follow you we do it only after we've used our feelings as our gauge. If it "feels right" we will follow You, if it doesn't "feel right" we stall or just disregard You completely. More often than not, we decide to go our own way and act on things your Word tells us to avoid (like being unequally yoked with unbelievers, dabbling in dangerous activities, and more) using our feelings as our guide to help us decide if our course of action will work out in the end. In essence we say, "Yeah, I know God's word doesn't think this is a good idea, but I've thought about it and it feels right, so you know . . ." Where did we get this idea that our feelings are even accurate let alone any kind of trustworthy guide in these big life decisions? If we know we make poor choices when we feel tired and cranky, what makes us think our feelings will be any more trustworthy when we make life-altering decisions, like who we should marry? I just don't get why I, or any other believer, would ever do this. Feelings simply don't authenticate truth or what truly leads to life. Only You can authenticate what is true and what really leads to life Father.