Dear God, Death Sucks!

. . . Heavenly Father this week death has rocked the little faith community I get to serve. One of our friends, lost her 11 month battle with leukemia. I don't know how else to say this but death sucks! I know you know that because your Son went through the dark portal of death. I know you know suffering because your Son suffered on a cross. I know that you hate death as much as I do, as much as we all do, because you hated it so much that you took it personally and did what it took to stomp on death's throat on Easter morning in order to utterly conquer the grave. Death was never your intention, never your plan and only a consequence of our flight from you. Until you return and take away death, crying, mourning and pain death will linger as something we will never, ever get used to. Even though you conquered death, we will always grieve because it stands as an ugly reality we simply cannot ever get comfortable with. Thanks for listening, and thanks for embracing Lisa the moment she stepped from this life into eternal life.