Extinguishing Sin

I don't know about you, but our celebration of Holy Week is so late in the spring this year that it just feels all weird to me. And yet,  this week we celebrate the profound gift of abundant life won at great cost by Jesus. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite observations on the meaning of Holy Week.An old priest, who spent many years facing the ravages of war, once observed, "There are dozens of ways to deal with evil and several ways to conquer it. All of them are facets of the truth that the only ultimate way to conquer evil is to let it be smothered within a willing, living human being. When it is absorbed there like blood in a sponge or a spear into one's heart, it loses its power and goes not further."I love the imagery painted by this old priest. Jesus extinguished the great evil of my sin by letting it be smothered within Himself “a willing, living human being . . . absorbed there like blood in a sponge” where it lost its power and went no further. Thank God!