In Psalm 51 David teaches us how to respond when we've blown it the worst way possible.Here's my version of David plea to God in Psalm 51:-9. "Have mercy on me God! I plead with you not to treat me as I deserve, but according to your loyal love. I’m finally sane enough to recognize my sin and sane enough to realize I don’t want this to be as a part of my life anymore. I know this was an act of blatant disregard of you and blatant disregard of all that is good. I know that whatever consequences you give me will be more than fair. I own this ugly act of sin. I admit I did it, and that I deserve serious consequences. If I’m really honest, I have to admit that I started my life being good at rebelling against you God. I admit I was born a rebel by nature, and I admit that deep down inside I knew I was rebelling when I did what I did. The brutal reality is that I’m just naturally good at rebellion and disloyalty against you even when I know better. But God I want to experientially know for sure that I am completely forgiven by you and clean once again!”David essentially pleads honestly with God crying out - "Please have mercy on me God! I know I've committed a shameful act and I'm desperate for your forgiveness!" David's response is something we all can take to heart when we've shamefully blown it.