Sorting Through Betrayal

Have you ever been so betrayed, and so hurt by other people that you could barely take another breath? If you've had that experience, let me ask another probing question. What do you tend to do when people have wounded you deeply? Do you act out your issues with others or do you talk out your issues concerning those people?Here's what I mean. Do you act out all of you hurt and betrayal by beating yourself up (through acts of self-loathing and self-pity) or by beating the victimizers up (through your devious plans to get even)? Is that your automatic response, or do you talk out all of your issues of hurt and betrayal with God?Psalm 27 teaches us how to sort through painful betrayal.  It was written by king David at a time when he was on the run. Bible scholars think Psalm 27 matches the same emotional terrain as Psalm 3 and 55 - prayers where David wrestles through the painful experience of betrayal by his favorite son Absalom who had turned against him, turned his loyal friends against him, and sent David running from Jerusalem in fear for his own life. Stay tuned as I explore what David teaches us about how to handle betrayal.