I Gotta Be Honest

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by life you just couldn’t take any more? What do you usually do when you can't take anymore? Do you usually become what you feel inside and take out your frustrations on the people around you? Do you act on all the stinkin’ thinkin’ running through your brain? Do you just turn and run from all of your troubles?Do you ever lay into God and have it out with Him? Perhaps you think, "Oh, I can't have it out with God. He might get mad at me for being so brutally honest with Him." If that's how you think and feel you might be very surprised at what the Psalms teach us about prayer. In the coming weeks I want to talk about how honest we can be with God when we pray.This week I want to look at Psalm 13 because it shows us we can tell it like we feel it when we’re overwhelmed by life. Sometimes we know exactly why a Psalm was written - sometimes we don’t know why. Some scholars believe King David wrote Psalm  13 at a time when he was seriously ill, others think it was written at the time he was on the run from king Saul who was trying to kill him. We don’t really know exactly why David was compelled to write this beautiful prayer, but it sure is honest! Read Psalm 13 and stay tuned for some observations later in the week.