Come Close, Stay Away

More than anything I hear the current generation of believers longing to find community. "Community" is not only a buzzword, it's a deep longing in believers who have been so battered and bruised by so many relationships in life.To me one of the great barriers to the community so many long to find is the shame so many carry inside. Shame is discomfort about one's own self. It's the feeling that says, "I'm uncomfortable being in my own skin because of . . . " This shame has created a generation of believers who play what I now call the "come close - stay away" game of church shopping. So many believers really want others to "come close" and dwell in community with them, at the very same time they want others to "stay away" by keeping a safe distance from knowing too much about them. Sadly this "come close - stay away" approach keeps people from the very community they so desperately seek. Have you been pursuing church community with a "come close - stay away" approach?