Golden Moments

A few posts back I admitted that my children are normal human beings who carry a few lingering suspicions of me as their father. They're just like every kid. My wonderful daughter Cassidy has things in her life she would rather keep private or talk to someone else like her mom about. It’s just too weird to talk to your dad about some things. While we were on vacation a few years ago, Cassidy and I went on a kayak adventure on Donner Lake. We started talking about her life and how she was facing big changes at the beginning of her middle school career. As we were together, she opened up (no suspicion, no eye-rolling, no glazed over “Dear God not another lecture from the fun police” looks in her eyes) and we talked about everything. In that moment I was able to pour out my heart, my love, and profound my belief in my daughter. In short I was able to bless her with a blessing that’s always available to her when she wants it. And when we finished talking her face and my face radiated the deep satisfaction and contentment that came from our encounter. It was truly a golden moment on our vacation, and in my life.Truthfully, times like that with my daughter don’t happen all the time. The only way they could happen all the time was if I made her do it, but that would be manipulation more than it would be love. But even though these precious golden moments don't happen every day I can tell you this – I’m always, always ready for it to happen!  I’ve always got more blessing and love for my daughter whenever she's ready to receive it.My sentiments as my daughter's father are a picture of God sentiments as our Heavenly Father. It doesn’t matter what we’ve been hustling, how low we are, or lost we’ve become. He’s always ready to bless us when we lay aside our suspicion and come to Him. So wherever you find yourself trying to hustle God's blessing - just stop. Stop the hustle and enter into a golden moment with your Heavenly Father.