The Suspicion Antidote

As I said in my post Human Nature, the human race has this strange capacity for suspicion and conspiracy theories even when we have absolutely no good reason to be suspicious.  I think about all that God as my Heavenly Father has given me and done for me, yet I so often find myself dealing with lingering suspicions of Him. When something very good happens in my life, I'm embarrassed to admit I think, “How is God going to make me pay for this good thing that just happened in my life?” When something very bad happens I can think, “How is God paying me back for something I did wrong?” When God is at work correcting me I tend to think, “How will I miss out on all the fun I'd really like to enjoy in life when I submit and do what God’s asking me to do?”What is the antidote to this suspicion? In my humble opinion, the antidote for my suspicion is intimate knowledge of God - a clear understanding of my Heavenly Father's real intentions towards me. My suspicions disappear when I know that God desires good in my life, and even when He's disciplining me or allowing me to walk through very tough times, He still desires my best.