Human Nature

We human beings are very interesting creatures. There’s so much about us that’s very cool; how we sing (well for some of us), how we laugh (except for those people who snort – that’s kind of disturbing), opposable thumbs, and so much more. At the same time there is much about us that’s very lame; our self-centeredness, love of cats, greed, inability to merge on the freeway, and more. If you ask me, one of the lamest things about us human beings is our suspicion. I’m not talking about healthy suspicion when we have good reason. I’m talking about this strange lingering suspicion we all have when we have absolutely no good reason. It’s very weird. No matter how good we actually have it, how well we’ve been treated, how generous people have been to us, or how much we’ve experienced mercy in the face of our failures – the human race tends to be far more convinced of all the possible ways we could be worked over by people than all the possible ways we could be blessed.I see this as I parent my kids. Now, I will be the first to admit that I’m not the perfect father. My kids will need therapy – I’m just trying to do a good enough job to keep their costs down. I’m not a perfect dad, but I can say that under my watch my kids are treated well, have their needs provided for generously, and they receive a whole lot of mercy when they blow it. Has this produced suspicion-free children?  Absolutely not! How do I know?  I know by how they roll of their eyes, by how they glaze over in that “Oh-dear-God-please-not-another-fun-police-lecture” look they give me when I try to communicate with them, and I know it by their decision to do the very thing in front of me (that very dangerous thing) I just warned them not to do. My kids aren’t bad kids – in fact they’re awesome kids, but my kids are human beings, which means that after all I’ve done for them, they are still suspicious of me.We're all God's kids, and don't you find it funny how suspicious we still remain of our Heavenly Father.