Don't Leave Me This Way

Our God loves us so much He will not leave us the way we are. When necessary He will speak up and boldly communicate His complaints about us, and discipline us in order to correct us.Many years after my son Michael  tried to tenderize meat in the buff with our kitchen cutlery (see The Fun Police) I asked him,  “Michael, do you think I should have stopped you when you were doing that?” He said, “Uh – yeah!” So I asked, “Did I do the right thing as your dad when I stopped you?” Once again he said, “Uh – yeah!” Back when Michael was two and into cutlery, he was convinced I was being more mean than loving when I acted to stop him, but  years later he knew, “Dad corrected and protected me because He loves me” His response made me think back to all those times in my own life (with my parents, my teachers, my coaches, my bosses, my wife, and my God) when I was so suspicious that anyone who wanted to redirect or remove anything I really wanted to do didn't really love me. Yet how foolish I was to think such things. To be loved is to be corrected. I get the benefit when I take the correction, and I gain nothing when I shake the correction.Has God been bugging you to remove something or redirecting you into better choices and you’ve been ignoring it? How are you going to respond to God’s corrective work that’s steering you away from what is permissible and towards what it unquestionably good?