Keith Richards On Fame

For all of us who once thought, or still think, that the life of a rock star and all of the attending fame would be a fun experience check out what Keith Richards has to say about it all.On The Rock Star Life - "It's hard to explain all that excessive partying. You didn't say 'OK, we're going to have a party tonight.' It just happened. It was a search for oblivion, I suppose, though not intentionally. Being in a band, you are cooped up a lot, and the more famous you get the more of a prison you find yourself in. The convolutions you go through just to not be you for a few hours."  Keith Richards LifeOn Fame - "If you combine congenital 'lead vocalist syndrome' with a nonstop bombardment of flattery every waking moment over years and years, you can start to believe the incoming. Even if you're not flattered by flattery or you're anti-flattery, it will go to your head; it will do something to you. And even if you don't completely believe it, you say, well, everybody else does - I'll roll with it. You forget that it's just part of the job. It's amazing how even quite sensible people like Mick Jagger could get carried away with it. Actually believe they were special. I've had problems ever since I was nineteen with people saying, you're fantastic, and you know you ain't. Downfall, boy. I could see how other people were sucked in so easily.; I became a puritan in that respect. I will never go that way. I'll disfigure myself. Which I did, by letting some teeth fall out. I'm not playing this game. I'm not in show business. Playing the music is the best I can do, and I know it's worth a listen." Keith Richards LifeMaybe the "ordinary lives" God's given us ain't so bad after all.