Clinging To The Gospel

The Gospel presented by Jesus, and the apostles is a declared announcement of good news. It is announcement that must be shared in words, and not just deeds because in the end, the gospel is a message. It is a message declaring, God is ready and willing to share the fullness of His indestructible life with us, and has made a way, at great cost to Himself (through the death, burial ,and resurrection of His Son Jesus) to invite everyone to participate in His life if we can bring ourselves to lay aside the pitiful construct of our self-made lives, and cling to the life He offers. The embraced Gospel does not form us into people who do whatever we please because we've been forgiven, nor does it form us into highly religious individuals who aren't all that enjoyable to be around. The Gospel shapes us into the form of humanity God originally intended back in the garden of Eden. Listen to Timothy Keller's observations on how the Gospel forming process works - "Traditional religion teaches that if we do good deeds and follow the moral rules in our external behavior, God will come into our hearts, bless us, and give us salvation. In other words, if I obey, God will love me and accept me. But the gospel is the reverse of this: If I know in my heart that God has accepted me and loves me freely by grace, then I can begin to obey, out of inner joy and gratitude. Religion is outside in, but the gospel is inside out. We are justified by grace alone, not by works; we are beautiful and righteous in God's sight by the work of Christ. Once we  gain this understanding on the inside, it revolutionizes how we relate to God, and to others on the outside." Timothy Keller Center Church. So go out and spread this great news to the people around you, and enjoy the reality of the good news in your own life all over again.