Rejecting The Gospel Through Religion

Christians typically only see one way to reject God: to go your own way, and do your own thing as you see fit. This form of rejection is reflected in the antinomian errors we often believe (see previous post). But there is another distinct way in which the human race can reject God, and this way is through religion itself.Yes, it's actually possible to use obedience to God's moral law as a way to reject the Gospel and the grace of God found within it. This form of rejection is called legalism. How can one say devout obedience to God could in any way be a rejection of God? It's quite simple really. When one obeys to get something out of God one isn't seeking God for His grace and mercy, one is using God as a means to wrestle salvation (or a better job, a spouse, or financial security) out of His hands. When we engage in this religious activity, we don't want a relationship with God, we want an arrangement with God where He can't not allow us into heaven (or can't not give us what we want) because we've earned it - we have ripped out of God's hands the blessing we want for ourselves. So ask yourself; how am I rejecting the Gospel through my religiosity?