Take A Break - Part III

Okay here are my last few thoughts on taking a long break. Two more things to consider.Involve the right people. Every one of God’s prescribed Sabbath rests were in the context of some kind of community with others, and never in complete isolation. Make sure to involve the right loved ones, spiritual directors, counselors, and friends in your journey so that you can get the most for the experience.Re-discover the things you most enjoy – just because. Get back to those things that aren’t “useful,” “productive,” or could be considered a “waste of time” and then enjoy those activities. One of the things I re-discovered in my season of renewal was my enjoyment of professional sports. A lot of people consider cheering a your favorite team an utter waste of time, and when you consider the serious challenges of our world it isn’t all that productive. But it is enjoyable for me. So I began to enjoy it again, I stopped apologizing for my enjoyment, and I took that enjoyment with me as I re-entered life after my sabbath. Find those things that you enjoy and start enjoying them again.Anyone have any other suggestions to share from your own experience?