Take A Break - Part II

The next suggestion I'm going to make may sound very strange, but if you're weary it might be a helpful piece in any plan for renewal. So here's my second suggestion for renewal - Take a God break if necessary.You might find that all the spiritual disciplines, and all the church-related functions that normally surround your relationship with God have become lifeless orthodoxy (what we believe) and lifeless orthopraxy (how we practice what we believe). If that's true for you then take a break, but make a simple plan for how you will take a break from God (read Take A Break - Park I), and make your break short. Allow this time away from these stale God activities to reawaken within you a longing to draw near to God in a fresh way. Let space and let silence rekindle within you a soul that "pants for God" (Psalm 42:1). When you finish this break, make every effort to proactively run back towards God throughout the rest of your renewal journey.