Take A Break - Part I

I've been putting up post after post about sabbath rest. Perhaps you've realized, as I did, that you need to take a break - or you're going to break. And maybe you've decided you need to seriously consider entering into your own period of renewal. If that is true, allow me to share some practical things that would be helpful for you to keep in mind for your journey. My first suggestion is - Have a plan. Generally people who take breaks and leave jobs, leave church, or leave anything without a plan find themselves rarely returning to what they left behind. Sometimes never returning can be appropriate, while many other times this is sad. When you take a break you don’t want to end up being that person who years later says, “I don’t know exactly why, but I took a break and I’ve never been back.” So come up with some kind of simple plan for how long you will take a break, how and when you will check in during your break, who you will check in with along the way, how you will lean into the renewal process (more than sitting on a couch watching movies), and how you will re-enter life. If you have any other suggestions from your own experience, please comment.