It's amazing as I look in the rear-view mirror since I took time for sabbath. In the space of just one year I’ve seen God perform financial miracles in our church, help us plant a new church, raise up new leaders, and guide our people to become disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ. Pastors tend to share the things I just wrote as the grand and greatest conclusion of God’s goodness after a hard journey. But to me these wonderful things aren’t the best evidence of God’s goodness after my hard journey. To me, the best evidence of God’s goodness is the fact that my renewal journey did a deep transforming work within me where I’m not attaching my significance to what goes wrong or right in my ministry any more. I’m becoming a man who rests in God’s control of what I don’t control, a man who works from rest rather than for rest, and a man who is living with a much deeper level of contentment than ever before. All of it came from admitting I was burnt out, I was out of control, and I needed a break. My God met me when I most needed Him, and He changed me. I hope no less for you! If you need a break - take one.