An Invitation

At the end of all my sabbath experiences God met me at a waterfall. I was spending a day in prayer, and as I sat at a waterfall the Spirit of God spoke. The Spirit said, “You are clearly seeing the unique ways that I’ve gifted you. You can tell me no, but if you tell me no remember that since I’m committed to bless you fully I will come back and  extend this invitation again because I want to bless you with the joy of doing meaningful work in the way I’ve wired you to thrive. So tell me no if you want, but I’m inviting you back into ministry.” I don’t know what it was about God inviting me, with the freedom to tell Him no (which is what He always does), but I had been renewed enough that I found myself saying yes. I told God, “Okay. I want to experience you’re blessing. I accept your invitation back into ministry, just don’t send me back to my church.” Ha! God’s got a funny sense of humor. Weeks later He actually directed me back to the church I needed to leave in order to renew. Most burnt out pastors, don’t re-enter ministry. Even fewer return to the church they were pastoring when they found themselves burnt out. Incredibly, God led me back into the exact same context I was in when I burned out, and it has been a fun journey of re-entry.