Survive Or Thrive

We barely survive, when we just keep working, and just keep pressing until we’re in “a good place” where we can finally rest. We thrive when we take regular, rhythmic, renewal seriously and from that rest enter into the meaningful work God gives us to do for His kingdom. People who work for rest become pushy control freaks who are always trying to “get to the bottom of my 'in' box,” “get around this bend,” or “get through this busy time” and only then take a break. People who live in God’s rhythm of rest – who work from rest – become serene individuals who realize they’re not really in control and therefore don’t need to push to make things happen. They simply rest in the sovereignty of the God who is in control, and then respond to life accordingly. This is the life God has designed for us. This is the rhythm God has ordained for us, and invites us to enter into.