God Controls The Outcomes

The second truth God taught me during my extended sabbath comes straight out of Isaiah 40:10 which says, “See, the Sovereign LORD comes with power, and his arm rules for him. See, his reward is with him, and his recompense accompanies him.”  We flail in the ambiguity of sabbath renewal trying to steer and control the renewal process, because we feel “safer” when we’re “in control” of everything, including how we will renew. However, as we renew we recognize the fact that we don’t even influence how we will actually be renewed, and thus we face the real limitations of our influence over all outcomes. We invest so much emotional energy in the belief that we’re more secure when we influence the outcomes. The fact is, our security doesn’t actually rest in our control of outcomes, but in our intimate relationship with the sovereign God who "comes with power" and controls all outcomes. He’s in control, and that’s what makes us safe.