We Don't, But God Does

As I wrote in my last few posts, we learn in sabbath that the only thing we actually control is our dysfunctional responses to God, to people, and to circumstances. It's a very painful lesson. But God doesn’t invite us into sabbath simply to abandon us in our emptiness, and lack of control. God invites us into sabbath so that He can meet us in each and every “I Don’t!” discovery we stumble upon, and then reveal His powerful “I Do!” that trumps each of our “I Don’ts.” Sabbath certainly involves discovering our ”I Don’t” limitations, but it's not all about discovering our limitations. When we step into renewal we discover a truth far greater than our limitations; God is able, where we are unable! In the next five posts I'm going to share some of the simple truths God taught me when I came face to face with my own limitations.