I Don't

Somehow, a long way back, I made this discovery that I’ve repeated to myself, and others, many times over. I discovered that when we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.  That reality preaches so easily, but it’s very difficult to walk out in real life. It’s difficult to arrive at the end of ourselves, where we vividly see the reality of our brokenness and limitations. It’s painful to discover that we really don’t know, we really don’t control outcomes, we really don’t own anything, we really don’t have what it takes, and we really don’t even know what we actually want. The fact is, we’re all control freaks (or maybe I'm just a control freak who thinks everyone struggles as I do) who will at some point be rudely awakened to discover we aren’t in control. I've been spending weeks addressing our desperate need for sabbath renewal, and the rich discoveries that come from that renewal. When we step into God’s invitation to renew we find ourselves discovering and confessing, “I don’t control anything.” This is why the nation of Israel found it, and the people of the church still find it, hard to enter into God’s invitation to Sabbath renewal – whether it be for a whole year, moments of each day, or weekly in worship with God’s people. We are not in control. Try to enjoy that reality today.